Our installation team has been installing roller shutters for more than 10 years. We supply and install shutters that are made in Australia, for Australian conditions.

Getting External Shutters is a Great Decision

Blockout Outside Noise

No longer worry about late night parties and noisy street traffic. Roller Shutters can cut noise by up to 50%. Our shutters are extremely well insulated and are designed to stop outside noise from entering the house.

Complete Privacy

Feel safe and comfortable in your own home with the added privacy that shutters can bring. With our E-Series controller, you can get total privacy at the push of a button. Additionally with our perforation holes, you can still enjoy light entering the home, while outsiders can not see inside the home.

Protect from the Elements

Protect your home from strong winds and storms, as well as fire exposure. Our shutters have been rigorously tested under harsh Australia conditions, they can withstand strong winds, hail and heavy rain, and also protect your windows from wind pressure and flying debris. Your family will never feel safer.

Secure Your Home

External Roller shutters act as a huge physical and visual deterrent for home intrusion. Our automatic locking system will ensure your family and belongings are always safe and secure. As well as extra protection – you could also benefit from lower insurance bills.

Harness the Light

Take control of the amount of light in certain rooms through the day with the flick of a switch. Our perforated hole system allows you to control the levels of light into a room. This feature is great for night shift workers or anybody who enjoys a day-time nap.

Save Electricity

Because our shutters insulate your home with their special foam injected slats, you end up using less power on heating and cooling your home all year round, saving you money through reduced power bills.

Control Button

Push Button Technology

Choose from Manual Operation (with Button push technology) of Electric Motor. Our E-Series technology lets you benefit from the affordability of manual shutters, combined with the convenience of push-button operation. Additionally the E-Series controller saves you power all year long.

Strong Aluminium Exterior

When it comes to shutters, security and protection is definitely one of the main reasons for getting roller shutters. Our panels are constructed from high grade, double-skinned aluminium, ensuring extreme security for your home. With a tough exterior, our shutters are resilient to weather, heat and intruders.
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Insulation Inside

Insulating Qualities

Each individual slat is injected with polyurethane. This foam injection is the key to the insulating properties of our products.  When our shutters are closed they insulate your home from outside noise, as well as heat and cold all year round.

A Range of Colours

All of our aluminium shutters come with top quality paint coatings. The coatings are resistant from fading and scratches. They also come in a large range of colours which can be combined to suit the style of your home and other fittings. For our full range visit http://designrollershutterssydney.com.au/ and request an in-house consultation

Pricing and Quotations

Because every one of your windows is a different dimension and windows in general are not standard sizes or shapes, all of our window roller shutters are cut and manufactured to measure.

Our pricing process involves us coming out to your place and measuring up and quoting you on the spot. This is a no-obligation free quote and we will also bring you samples of our shutters so you can touch and feel our high quality panels for yourself.